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Why Join PAMS?

There's no doubt that this year is going to be a challenging year for the HME industry. But challenging times are the very times that membership in an effective trade association such as PAMS is most critical. We exist to get you reliable answers. We are here to protect your interests. We are here to make a difference for Pennsylvania HME.

PAMS continues to drive for solutions to the most important challenges in the HME industry:  And there is also no denying that has proven itself to be a difference-maker:

These and new challenges will continue to be fought and must be won in 2015 and into 2016.  Challenges such as these are the reason that membership in an effective trade association such as PAMS is most critical. 

Effective. Respected. Trusted. That's PAMS.

We are here to help you to operate your business profitably; to serve your clients properly; and to make sure that your voice is heard in the halls of government.

And we are here to make sure that you have access to the best and most timely education programming. 

The fact is that the tougher the times get, the MORE you need the strength and unity of a solid organization like PAMS.

An investment in PAMS is an investment in the future of your business and our industry!

Contact our office at 717-909-1958 or email Kelly at with any questions. 

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