2018 Convention Sessions

Break Out Session 1

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm     Thursday, May 3, 2018

Jonathan Fanning
Leadership Development Expert
Jonathan Fanning Consulting

They Serve: The Essence of Authentic Leadership
They Serve: The True Essence of Authentic Leadership Every leader is an agent of change… for better or for worse! “They Serve” is a unique exploration of the most effective time-tested leadership principles and paradoxes. We all know great leadership when we see it. What four things must a servant leader do? Most organizations that teach servant leadership violate at least two of these building blocks. This program may change the way you look at role models forever. “Powerful and moving! Jonathan is truly a special person – with a message that met the “needs” of our whole culture.” (Lee D., Mars Chocolate)
Learning Objectives:
1. Servant leadership contains a powerful paradox. Most organizations that say they practice “Servant Leadership” do not. Understand and apply the powerful paradox for the first time.
2. To truly serve includes paying a personal price. How can leaders demonstrate, teach and inspire others to pay a personal price in our short-term, “what’s in it for me” culture?
3. Aspiring servant leaders get stuck on 3 words. Jonathan’s passionate stories will stick with them as listeners try to become better servant leaders long after the keynote or workshop                


Mark Higley
Vice President- Regulatory Affairs
The VGM Group

VGM’s State of the Industry & 2017 Benchmarking Update

The presentation includes:

  • Attributes of the business
  • Payer Mix/historical changes
  • Human Resources
  • Revenue per employee
  • Personnel costs
  • Continuing Education
  • Salary survey (clinical, technical, billing/reimbursement/sales/customer service, management and office, executive)
  • Sales incentives and commissions
  • Financial (revenue growth, sales v. rental, expenses and profit as % of revenue,)
  • Key financial metrics
  • Operations (average monthly orders per FTE, re-supply, inventory, outcomes data, outsourcing, billing systems)



Break Out Session 2

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm     Thursday, May 3, 2018

Stephanie Morgan Greene
Morgan Greene Consulting, LLC

Audits – What New Changes Are Happening …. And Are You Ready?  

Do you feel like each year you hear the same old thing about Medicare audits?  Well, this year will be different!  There are many changes going on in the world of Medicare which impact the type and number of audits you may receive.  In this session, we will discuss the latest in Medicare, from the Document Requirements Simplification Initiative, to Targeted Probe and Educate.  We will also talk about the Low Volume Appeals Settlement offers.  And as always, we will look at top denial reasons and what you can do to protect yourself from falling prey to a denial!


Nick Macmillan
MED Director of the Respiratory and Sleep Networks
The MED Group

Issue and Opportunities in Home Mechanical Ventilation - 1 CEU Credit offered

Home ventilation in the home has unique clinical and logistical challenges. This session will review provider’s insights into these challenges and many of the solutions proposed to overcome them and provide the best of care. In addition updates will be provided regarding recent reimbursement and patient qualification challenges and proposals by professional clinical organizations to address them.


  • Identify at least three unique challenges to home mechanical ventilation and ways to address them
  • Name at least three methods to streamline to home mechanical ventilation services
  • Provide feedback regarding a proposed hospital readmission tracking system

Break Out Session 3

3:45 pm - 4:45 pm     Thursday, May 3, 2018

Jeff Baird, Esq.
Brown & Fortunato, P.C.

How to Fight the Awarding of a Sole Source Contract by a State Medicaid Program

It is the proverbial “Irresistible Force Meeting the Immovable Object:” State Medicaid rolls are continuing to expand...but Medicaid programs are constrained by limited money. In an attempt to contain costs, State Medicaid programs are contracting with Medicaid Managed Care Plans (“Plans”) to provide health care services and products to beneficiaries under a capitation payment (fee per member per month).  The Plan then contracts with providers and suppliers to provide the products and services to Medicaid beneficiaries. Plans focus on profits. In order to generate profits, Plans are (i) cutting reimbursement and (ii) contracting with a small number of providers and suppliers...and in some cases, Plans contract with only one provider/supplier. If a DME supplier is facing drastically reduced reimbursement and/or being bumped off of Plan’s panel, the supplier needs to know what responsive steps to take.  This program will (i) discuss what a Plan is and how a state Medicaid program will contract with it; (ii) examples of Plans drastically reducing reimbursement and limiting the number of DME suppliers on their panels; and (iii) steps that the supplier can take to respond to the Plan’s actions. These steps include (i) utilizing the Plan’s appeal/grievance process; (ii) determining if the state has an applicable “any willing provider” statute; (iii) filing a complaint with the State Insurance Commission; (iv) lobbying the State Medicaid program; (v) lobbying the state legislature; (vi) lobbying CMS; (vii) conducting public awareness campaigns; and (viii) contacting Medicaid beneficiaries directly.


Jim Hardiman
Education Specialist, DME Outreach and Education, Jurisdiction A
Noridian Healthcare Solutions

Medicare Updates

Medicare Updates: This session will detail recent changes to the Medicare Fee For Service (FFS) program that includes valuable supplier information and education on E-Visits (ESV), Medicare Card Program, Target Probe & Educate (TPE) and other valuable information available on the Jurisdiction A website.


Break Out Session 4

8:00 am - 9:00 am     Friday, May 4, 2018

Bob Mlynek
Operation Crusader

Personalities, Benchmarking & Communication
Our personality flavors everything from how we interact with the people around us to what types of work we enjoy. There are no better or worse personalities, each carries their own strengths and weaknesses.  In this session we will be going deeper into personalities and how they work.  Our goal is to empower you to be able to quickly determine the dominate personality of the person you are speaking with and be able to effectively communicate with them in their own personality structure.   We will be taking a look at using personality to set up your team to be successful by benchmarking positions and the best personality that would go with that position.  We are going to have a lot of fun as we look and laugh at how we are wired.  Come and find out why some drivers slow down at a yellow light while others gun their engine to get through before it turns red.


Jeff Baird, Esq.
Brown & Fortunato, P.C.

Steps to Stay Out of the Crosshairs of the Office Inspector General and Dept. of Justice

Combatting health care fraud is a top priority for the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and Office of Inspector General (“OIG”).  For example, nationwide there are nine Medicare Fraud Strike Forces using data analysis and techniques to uncover fraud.  Brown & Fortunato defends DME suppliers that have criminal and civil cases brought against them by the DOJ and OIG.  This program will discuss how the DOJ and OIG are attacking health care fraud and what the DME supplier can do if it is the target of an investigation.  This program will discuss the types of activities by DME suppliers that the DOJ and OIG are focusing on.  The program will set out “nuts and bolts” steps that the DME supplier can take to reduce the risk of being targeted by the DOJ and OIG.  Lastly, the program will discuss the steps that a supplier should take in the event that it finds that it is the target of an investigation.


Break Out Session 5

9:15 am - 10:15 am     Friday, May 4, 2018

Bob Mlynek
Operation Crusader

Communication & Marketing: Going from Commodity to Trusted Resource

Most businesses are seen as a commodity in the market place.  I know these words can seem harsh, but they are none the less true.  Most businesses do a good job of serving their customers.  But good service is not enough in today's business climate.  We are not just competing with the business down the street, but around the world and they all offer good service.  What makes the difference is perception.  Not yours or my perception, but that of the client.  How someone views your company determines everything.  In this session, we are going to show you the secrets of changing perceptions and how to place your business as a trusted resource.  Once clients see you in that role, there are unlimited directions you can take your company.  Effective communication, utilizing the right tools, and crafting the right experience will change your business and set it for growth.


Nick Macmillan
MED Director of the Respiratory and Sleep Networks
The MED Group

Oxygen Patients on the Move: Oxygen Conserving Device and Traveling Oxygen Best Practices - 1 CEU Credit Offered

This interactive session reviews the results of a recent MED survey results covering Oxygen Conserving Device and Traveling Oxygen best practices.


  • Participate in a discussion regarding most common brands and types of Oxygen Conserving Devices (OCDs)
  • Name the most common three types of OCD devices used by MED Members and what drives those decisions
  • Gather and compare OCD titration protocols
  • List two methods for arranging travel for oxygen patients