Why Join PAMS?

There's no doubt that this year is going to be a challenging year for the HME industry. But challenging times are the very times that membership in an effective trade association such as PAMS is most critical. We exist to get you reliable answers. We are here to protect your interests. We are here to make a difference for Pennsylvania HME.

PAMS continues to drive for solutions to the most important challenges in the HME industry:  And there is also no denying that has proven itself to be a difference-maker:

These and new challenges will continue to be fought and must be won in 2020.  Challenges such as these are the reason that membership in an effective trade association such as PAMS is most critical. 

Regular Members

PAMS Regular Membership is for DME companies within the state of Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Our members enjoy many benefits to membership including training and education, development,  convention, billing seminars as well as ongoing webinars and informative newsletters.  We strive to keep our members up to date with everything that is happening in the DME world within Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Academic Members

PAMS partners with schools and academic institutions connecting students with our membership.  There is no cost for a school or academic institution to join PAMS.  We would love to connect with you and keep you in the loop as to what all is happening in the HME and DME world.

Associate Members

PAMS Associate Membership is for those companies that support and supply the DME companies within the state of Pennsylvania.  Because our Associate Members come in all different sizes, we offer different levels of membership depending on the size of the Associate Members or how much access they would like with our Regular Members.  PAMS provides an opportunity for our Associate Members to connect with our Regular Members on a consistent basis. 


Student Members

PAMS wants to partner with Students who are planning on going into the Home Medical Equipment Industry. Becoming a PAMS Student member will allow you to meet those that are in the industry by attending our events and by sitting in on one of our many committees.


PAMS Alliance Membership is exclusively for Non-Profits organizations that serve Pennsylvania and Delaware residents with services that have an impact on the same clientele as PAMS.  Our Alliance Members share some of the same challenges and benefit from the networking and training opportunities that PAMS has to offer.

Thank You To Our Platinum Members!


Thank You To Our Gold Members!