October 17, 2017 Webinar

Understanding Social Media

2:00 Pm To 3:00 Pm

Social media is a powerful tool, if used correctly, and a dangerous liaison, if misused.   Making social media an ally of your business will empower your marketing efforts, create community involvement and allow you a powerful tool in which to tell your story.  In this webinar, we will take a broad look at social media and discuss the different mediums, their strengths as well as their weaknesses.   Come away from this webinar with a strong understanding of what makes social media the powerful tool that it is.

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Bob Mlynek   President & CEO   Operation Crusader

Bob Mlynek 

President & CEO

Operation Crusader

Bob Mlynek is the founder and president of Operation Crusader.  Operation Crusader focuses on empowering small businesses, non-profits and associations with the power to communicate online utilizing a variety of tools ranging from Websites, Social Media, eNewsletters and video. 

Bob is also a public speaker specializing in working on helping people harness the power of strong communication.  He speaks to boards, chamber groups and educational sessions either in person or online using webinars.  He uses fun to drive home points and change perspectives.

Bob is also a published author.  His book, “The Dragon’s Path: Conquering the Dragons that Keep You From Success” is available on Amazon.  This book focuses on challenging people to conquer those anchors that snare them.