The PAMS Way

We are here to help you to operate your business profitably; to serve your clients properly; and to make sure that your voice is heard in the halls of government. We are also here to make sure that you have access to the best and most timely education programming. 

As the oldest state association of its kind in the country, the Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers remains an active voice in durable medical healthcare in the state of Pennsylvania, Delaware and the rest of the United States.

Our members include providers of durable medical equipment who believe in serving their patients with the best products available, staying informed of industry changes and want to be involved in solving problems faced by our industry on both the state and national level.

We provide numerous continuing education opportunities throughout the year and host an annual convention for valuable peer networking and training on the latest durable medical technology. Members can also get involved in specific initiatives affecting the homecare community including:

  • Continuing Education Committee

  • PA Medical Assistance Committee

  • Rehab Sub-Committee

  • Respiratory Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Legislative Affairs


The fact is that the tougher the times get, the MORE you need the strength and unity of a solid organization like PAMS.

An investment in PAMS is an investment in the future of your business and our industry.

Contact our office at 717-909-1958 with any questions.